This variety is called differently in different regions. They are called: shahani in Mirab, Shouny in Firooz Abad, Khok shauney in Haji Abad, Bandar Abbas.
Shahany dates are one of the most important and abundant cultivars in Fars province that include about 95% of the palm trees of Jahrom (one of the most important date land cities) and it is considered as the second cultivated in different parts of the country, including the different cities of Fars province (especially Jahrom) also is cultivated in Jiroft, Kahnooj, Haji Abad, Saravan, and Tabas. The best kind of Shahani is produced in Jahrom.
It is known as a soft type of dates but consumed dry in some regions. They are colorful and taste sweet.

For shahani dates these features can be mentioned:
Linear dates with narrow pits, brown rotabs, sweet kharaks, and some of the Shahani’s products are consumed as kharaks.
These dates are mid-ripening and late-ripening. They are desirable.
These dates are used as flavors.
It’s also good for athletes who practice heavy exercises.
Also, these dates are compact and can be used as a snack.
The dates can be used to prepare sweets and cakes.
These dates are also used in the preparation of various types of jams and sweet snacks.
It can also be used as normal dates.